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Join the Lab Sessions: A Platform for Rhode Island Artists and Businesses to Shine!

We are thrilled to share some exciting news with you today! Our team is delighted to announce the launch of a new project called "Lab Sessions" in collaboration with M.C. Ricks-records. Lab Sessions is all about creating B-Rolls and Promo videos for talented local artists across Rhode Island. But that's not all – we're also extending our invitation to local businesses who are looking to boost their exposure through promotional videos. So whether you're an aspiring artist or a thriving business owner, we've got something special in store for you!

A Platform for Artists to Shine: Lab Sessions aims to provide a platform for budding artists in Rhode Island to showcase their talent and reach a wider audience. We believe that every artist deserves a chance to have their unique voice heard, and that's where we come in. By creating high-quality B-Rolls and Promo videos, we aim to capture the essence of your artistry and help you make a lasting impact on your viewers.

Auditions Are Open:

Are you an artist with a passion for music, dance, spoken word, or any other form of creative expression? We encourage you to seize this opportunity and audition for Lab Sessions! We're on the lookout for talented individuals who are ready to take their art to the next level. Don't hold back – show us what you've got, and let us help you bring your vision to life through captivating videos. This could be the stepping stone you've been waiting for!

Boost Your Business with Promotional Videos:

Lab Sessions isn't just limited to artists. If you're a local business owner looking to create stunning promotional videos, we're here to support you too! We understand the power of visual storytelling in attracting customers and building brand awareness. By partnering with us, you'll have the chance to showcase your products, services, and unique story through engaging videos that captivate your target audience. Let us help you take your business to new heights!

How to Get Involved: If you're an artist or a business owner excited about Lab Sessions, we want to hear from you! To audition for Lab Sessions as an artist, simply reach out to us via The link provided on our Instagram bio, or our website, and we'll provide you with all the necessary details. For businesses interested in promotional videos, we encourage you to get in touch with us to discuss your specific needs. Together, we can create something truly remarkable.

Lab Sessions is a groundbreaking project that aims to uplift and empower local artists and businesses in Rhode Island. We believe in the power of collaboration and the ability of visual media to tell compelling stories. Join us on this exciting journey, where together, we can create remarkable B-Rolls and promotional videos that leave a lasting impression. Don't miss out on this opportunity to showcase your talent or elevate your business. Reach out to us today, and let's create magic together in the Lab Sessions!

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